Wait… you know publishing is dying, right?

As word’s been spreading about the tour, I get more questions about it each time I attend one of the many literary events Edmonton is fortunate to have. In the last week I attended a second LitFest noon-hour panel (featuring Marcello DiCintio and dee Hobsbawn-Smith) and the Editors’ Association of Canada PPB Board Members retreat. […]

Wanted: A Digital Life Coach

*Note: I’m not actually hiring a digital life coach. There is nothing in the world that I feel more conflicted about than social media. Nothing. The contradictions, the wasted time, the ROI. It all seems too much to think about and a waste of time to even analyze. That’s why there are social media experts. […]

Worse than farting in yoga? An editor’s lament.

I correct people’s mistakes all the time. Hopefully in less the “I-need-to-correct-you-because-I-am-an-editor-and-must-inform-you-that-you-should-know-better” way and more in the same way I would tell a friend her zipper is down—a polite “FYI, XYZ” for the sake of the person, not my ego. I don’t judge the offender. Once fixed, I forget. But when I make a blunder? […]

I will name the next pet I own Plimpton

I spent last week almost entirely at the City Centre theatre for the Edmonton International Film Festival, taking in 18 features and 35 shorts in 9 days. Content overload, but it was as worth it as the turkey overload that capped off the Thanksgiving weekend. Of my favourites: Plimpton. A documentary about a writer, his […]

A Thought on the Local Bookshop(pe)

This past week Greenwoods Bookshoppe on Whyte Ave in Edmonton, AB  officially closed its doors, prompted by the passing of her brother (and business partner) earlier this year, said the owner. Before confirmed, social media rumours spread of Greenwoods’ imminent closure—the reason then thought as being that of many locally-owned book stores across the country: […]

Grant Application #2 – Check

I finished up another grant app – the Edmonton Arts Council CIP (Community Investment Program) Travel Grant. Delivered by email! My printer is happy about that. This application was easier to get through because, well a. it’s a smaller application, and b. because the more time I spend working on these applications, the more and […]

An Itinerary and Name Change

I’ve just posted my itinerary for the publishing tour. In doing so, I came to a realization. I am not hitting up all these cities by only road. I’ve got planes and ferries and shuttles to catch, too. Perhaps it’s best not to call it a road tour, then. So, I’ve renamed the tour. It […]

Grant Application #1 – Check

September 04, after a day fretting about my application and printing and reprinting pages, sometimes for reasons as small as an em-dash in place of a colon, I hand-delivered my Individual Artists Project Grant to the AFA office 45 minutes ahead of deadline. I am seeking funding for my tuition to the Creative Book Publishing program at […]