Gaspereau Press, Kentville NS

This time, from Wolfville to Kentville, I am literally going just up the road. Today is the last day of the tour! I’ve had great conversations about publishing— conversations that go far beyond what I could ever blog about—once, twice, sometimes three times a day for a full month now. I’m exhausted, but in the […]

Conundrum Press, Wolfville NS

Somehow I got it into my head that Wolfville, Nova Scotia was “just up the road” from Halifax. In all of my planning, I never bothered to check the actual distance in time between Halifax and Wolfville. When I finally get into my rental (well before 5:00 am) to make my way from Fredericton back […]

Goose Lane, Fredericton NB

From Montreal, I travel backwards to Toronto. My car feels like it might not make it the whole way there, but when I pass the sign that reads Toronto 155 km I pump my fist in the air. I’ve got AMA Gold and can get towed for free as far as 160 km. If I […]

Éditions Hurtubise, Montreal QC

I end up with a generous amount of time between my visit to McGill-Queen’s University Press and my next date with Éditions Hurtubise. On another trip I would’ve used the time to explore more of the city—to head to the water or to browse shops in Vieux Montreal. Instead, I go back to my B&B. […]

McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal QC

On the morning of April 23 I wake up early with the intention of handling a few side-projects and emails before heading off to McGill-Queen’s University Press. Fishing through my inbox I realize that when I switched the time on my computer to EST, all the appointments in my calendar switched with it. What I […]

Linda Leith Publishing, Montreal QC

(April 21) The drive to Montreal from Toronto, at five hours, seems quite short after northern Ontario. For the first few hours, things are great. The sun is out (dare I call it… spring?), the tunes are blaring, and I just snagged one of the last Roll-Up-The-Rim cups from the Tim’s.  (Please Play Again…sigh.) But […]