Grant Application #2 – Check

I finished up another grant app – the Edmonton Arts Council CIP (Community Investment Program) Travel Grant. Delivered by email! My printer is happy about that.

This application was easier to get through because, well a. it’s a smaller application, and b. because the more time I spend working on these applications, the more and more I get to know the project.

It is good to feel confident in knowing what I am doing and how. The why, for me, seems to waver. There are obvious reasons, yes, but its difficult to know exactly why I need to visit these places when I don’t know exactly what I’ll learn. If I knew what I would learn before I got there, though, there would be no reason to go.  The why, then, is because I want to learn about what I don’t know.

I’ll keep my eye out for more grants to apply for, but my next task is tackling sponsorship and donations. For more information on that, check out the Get Involved link!

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