Freehand Books, Calgary AB

Navigation in Calgary’s core is hard. Here the city divides into quadrants and almost every street is a one way. So when you’re trying to find parking and just miss a spot, getting around to that spot again means travelling in a square, and travelling in a square means stopping at every red light, and […]

Storypanda and Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver BC

Storypanda After going to the wrong address and using iMaps (bad choice) to end up at a second wrong address, I had to call Pavel of Storypanda and meet him on a corner in the heart of downtown Vancouver. As the kids say, facepalm! Storypanda publishes interactive mobile ebooks for kids. Their media kit is […]

Off I Go

Well, this is it. Tomorrow I get on a plane and head west to start the tour. Hard to believe I’ve been planning since July when the idea sparked on a highway drive—and I’m not even done planning. There are still a few spots to fill and I’ll hopefully do so whilst on the road. […]

I should probably start packing

For each centimetre of snow we’ve received here in Edmonton over the last week, I’ve received an email about the tour. For those not in Edmonton right now: a) be thankful for that, and b) it’s a lot of centimetres. Alas, plans for the tour’s itinerary continue. It was silly of me to think that […]

Additions to the itinerary!

The tour is continuing to grow and I go through waves of being really pumped to waves of being terrified. What really excites me is the variety that is building into the tour. Recently added to the itinerary are Story Panda in Vancouver, Friesen Press in Victoria, and ImaJin Books in my hometown, Edmonton. None […]

Watch as the tour fills up!

Plans have started to pick up speed. I’ve been in contact with houses almost every day. I must admit that, in a way, it seems like I am doing something I shouldn’t be–as though I’m knocking on the wizard’s side door and rudely inviting myself in. But the response has been great, and with each […]

They’re watching you…

I read an article in MacLean’s yesterday about e-reader tracking software (Your e-reader is watching, by Mika Rekai) that upset me a little. The Kobo, the Kindle, and the Nook are all collecting hard data, and it’s not just sales data. Apparently they are tracking things like the amount of time spent reading, what time […]