An Itinerary and Name Change

I’ve just posted my itinerary for the publishing tour. In doing so, I came to a realization. I am not hitting up all these cities by only road. I’ve got planes and ferries and shuttles to catch, too. Perhaps it’s best not to call it a road tour, then.

So, I’ve renamed the tour. It shall now be known as The Great Canadian Publishing Tour (maybe The GCPT, for short, if I can get around the tongue twister).

Is renaming the tour an unorthodox move? Especially after purchasing the original domain name? I would normally say yes. However, it’s still early in the process. I haven’t told anyone about my blog yet. I’m just fillin’ up this site so that there is a substantial amount of information here when people start to arrive.

You don’t invite people over to eat cake, to only start cracking eggs when they come through the door.

If you are reading this now, you are either:

a. A friend of mine;
b. A grantor or potential sponsor looking into my request for funding;
c. A person, who has only ever heard of it as The Great Canadian Publishing Tour, reading backlogs of posts out of pure interest in the project; or
d. All of the above.

Either way, whoever you are, thanks for your interest in my tour!

So alas, I will soon purchase a new domain and set up a quick redirect from the old domain, and voila – name change complete and I can rest easy knowing that the title is a more accurate description of the tour. I might just be an editor at heart.

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