photo cred: Brett Bailey

My name is Erinne Sevigny and I love stories. Stories and the ability (nay, the drive) to tell them are what make us human. In the spring of 2013, I  travelled coast to coast to visit publishing houses in Canada’s major cities.

I was looking for a positive and fun behind-the-scenes look at Canadian publishing. Who are the people? How does the space they operate in affect the work? What are they doing to manage the changing literary climate?

My game plan was easy:  Visit publishers of varying sizes and mandates.  Speak with as many people in the literary industry as possible–on their turf.

Now back to my hometown of Edmonton, AB, I have a 9000 km wide perspective on the publishing industry in Canada, from both the art and business sides, and can hopefully arrange myself in a way where I will be successful in my own right and contribute to the success of others, all within a thriving publishing industry.

See the itinerary for the cities I visited, check out the gallery for photos from the journey, and if you have any questions or comments, contact me.

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