Coteau Books, Regina SK

After spending the night in Alexis Kienlen’s childhood home in Saskatoon (her parents are fantastic), I hit the road again, this time to Regina. The catch? Snow. Surprise. The radio doesn’t recommend driving on any road out of Saskatoon…except the one to Regina. Perfect! But oh my. Winter highways are much different in Saskatchewan than […]

Indie Ink, Saskatoon SK

(Date visited: April 10) Packing is hard! And despite having most of my things together, it still took until 1:00 am before my car was ready with my life for the next four months. I got four hours of sleep (if that) before getting up early to hit the road for the longest leg of […]

Imajin Books, Edmonton AB

(Date visited: April 9) After a coffee with my grandparents to thank them for the new ride and to say farewell for a while, I make my way to a newer-ish Edmonton neighbourhood in the city’s southeast. Founded and operated by Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Imajin Books is a home-based publisher that focuses on genre fiction […]

University of Alberta Press, Edmonton AB

As I’ve mentioned, I’m moving to Toronto for a while, and the logistics have me rushing from one place to another in between everything else. Today it means heading across the river to exchange vehicles. The Ranger will now stay in Edmonton and my grandparents offered their old vehicle in its place. Looks like I’m […]

NeWest Press, Edmonton AB

Calgary was good to me (it always is). I got to meet great publishers, my friend and colleague Lisa Murphy Lamb (Director of the WordsWorth Writing Residency) let me stay in her design-magazine worthy home, and there were some surprises, too, like an unexpected visit from a friend. The drive home from Calgary seems to […]

Frontenac House, Calgary AB

When I arrive at the house on the corner of Frontenac Avenue I am greeted by David and Rose Scollard. David offers me a latte. I’ve just had one, but I don’t want to be rude so I accept. After taking a few pictures in Rose’s home-office, and watching them banter the way you’d expect […]

Freehand Books, Calgary AB

Navigation in Calgary’s core is hard. Here the city divides into quadrants and almost every street is a one way. So when you’re trying to find parking and just miss a spot, getting around to that spot again means travelling in a square, and travelling in a square means stopping at every red light, and […]