Random House of Canada, Toronto ON

(Visit date: April 18) I have never felt a truly dense population until driving in the heart of downtown Toronto during lunch hour. Never again. Never. Again. As quickly as I can, I make my way underground to escape the crowd. Parking will be expensive, but it is worth being able to opt-out of what […]

Transatlantic Agent Meghan Macdonald, Toronto ON

Visit date: April 18 Starting to settle into Toronto, I’ve become better at navigating the roads and of knowing where I should and shouldn’t drive. But then, in a residential area, I stop to let a pedestrian cross the road… and he scoffs at me, shaking his head as he walks past my car. I […]

Coach House Books, Toronto ON

(Visit date: April 17) After a stroll down Queens and some awesome Thai food, I drive out to the U of T campus, find some Tylenol to ward off a migraine, and park my car as close to the dot on Google Maps as possible. By now I’ve visited a lot of publishers. When looking […]

House of Anansi, Toronto ON

When I booked in houses for the tour, I just went with whatever fit best for everyone. There was nothing strategic, just what days and times worked for who (and I hoped they weren’t on opposite ends of the city). For April 17: House of Anansi and Coach House Books. In my (too few) spare […]

HarperCollins Canada, Toronto ON

On the afternoon of April 16th I drive into downtown Toronto for my very first Big One – HarperCollins Canada. I park underground and when I emerge I’m immersed in a world where I feel very much like I don’t belong.  I got on my black slacks and button-up shirt, but I just don’t carry […]

ECW Press, Toronto ON

So… that drive from Winnipeg to Toronto is long, eh? I broke it up into three 8ish hour days, but damn. Doing the drive in April is interesting, too. First, the majority of roadside stops—points of interest to gas stations—are closed, most of them still snowed in. Second, it seems the only other vehicles on […]

Friesens Corporation, Altona MB

(Visit date: April 13) I ended up staying the night in Regina because the highway forecasts were all poor and I was still a little gun-shy from my experience earlier in the morning. I lucked out and found a fantastic B&B (The Dragon’s Nest). The only room left was the Love room, complete with private […]