Additions to the itinerary!

The tour is continuing to grow and I go through waves of being really pumped to waves of being terrified.

What really excites me is the variety that is building into the tour. Recently added to the itinerary are Story Panda in Vancouver, Friesen Press in Victoria, and ImaJin Books in my hometown, Edmonton. None of these publishers are traditional presses.

Story Panda makes books for tablets, but not just digital page-flipping books—they are creating interactive storybooks using tablet technology.

Friesen Press is in the business of self-publishing, which is always a hot topic, but especially so now as authors are finding success despite the stigma.

ImaJin Books is a house founded by Cheryl Kaye Tardif, who earned success through self-publishing and is now operating her own e-book and trade paperback press.


I’m working on adding more publishers in central Canada to the itinerary, but thus far they’ve proven harder to get a hold of. I’ve got my heart set on a few. They are in my sight (and on my lists) in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Additions to the itinerary!

  1. What about Anvil Press in Vancouver, Greystone, Caitlin and Harbour.
    University of Regina Press–meet the new director, Bruce Walsh

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I will see what I can do to fit them in (and if they will have me.) Unfortunately I am bound by time and can’t visit them all. That said, there is easily enough publishers in Canada to merit a second part to the tour, perhaps on my way back my hometown in the fall!

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